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Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale, Long Live Storytests, Dang Blast It

The recent claims made by a well-known agile coaching thoughtleader notwithstanding, I work hard to get clients to adopt real Storytesting practices, with real Storytesting tools (FitNesse is still my tool of choice; I work mostly with Java teams). I will continue to do so. I find no false economy or Faustian bargain with FitNesse tests, where can i cheapest Albuterol (Ventolin) online, and I suspect it is because I am coaching the use of them differently than James Shore is. Order Albuterol (Ventolin) online c.o.d,

Manual Regression Testing = Really Bad Thing; Agreed

Regression testing of any kind is classically about proving that we are Building the Thing Right. For true regression protection purposes, I want manual regression tests to be replaced with a requisite blend of automated tests (using the testing triangle pattern for allocating test automation resources) plus a requisite amount of manual exploratory testing.

Whoa Nelly: Storytests Are Not About Bugs

But Storytesting / Automated Acceptance testing is really an entirely different kind of testing, what is Albuterol (Ventolin). It is indeed an unaffordable way to attempt to prove that we are Building the Thing Right, but in my experience, the perfect way to prove that we are Building the Right Thing, Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale. I want these kinds of tests to simply demonstrate that we mostly got the scope and Definition of Done right for a given story. Albuterol (Ventolin) pictures, This is a far cry from all of the edge cases and unhappy paths that make up complete regression protection for a story.

If, as James claims, Albuterol (Ventolin) results, clients are trying to use Storytests for what they are not good at, Where can i buy Albuterol (Ventolin) online, I stop it. I suggest other testing avenues for regression protection.

This difference really is critical.  Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale, Storytests merely tend to prove, better than anything else, that we got the story done.

Granted, a story is not Done Done Done until we have squeezed all the defects out of it. I hope to heck the bottom of my testing triangle, buy Albuterol (Ventolin) from mexico, where the giant, Albuterol (Ventolin) cost, high-speed suites of tiny little xUnit isolation tests / microtests live, does the lion's share of the regression protection for me. Yes, buy cheap Albuterol (Ventolin), TDD/BDD are design practices. Albuterol (Ventolin) natural, AND, only from my cold dead hands will you pry the regression protection those tests/specs provide me. Please, cheap Albuterol (Ventolin), please, Albuterol (Ventolin) interactions, don't try to use FitNesse for that work. Wrong tool, man, Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale.

The Benefits of a Precise, Deterministic Definition of Done

So if I do have awesome xUnit test suites (and a bit of other regression protection) to prove we have Built the Thing Right, Albuterol (Ventolin) canada, mexico, india, my Storytests need only prove, Low dose Albuterol (Ventolin), to some customer-acceptable extent, that we have Built the Right Thing. What benefits do I give up if I give up this use of Storytesting, fast shipping Albuterol (Ventolin).  Well, About Albuterol (Ventolin), I have a list, but here is the number one item on it:

  1. My best tool for story breakdown. You want me to prove that a story in a web application without browser-resident behavior got done as estimated in this Sprint, Albuterol (Ventolin) trusted pharmacy reviews. Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale, Some small increment of useful service layer code or biz logic or whatever.  Storytesting is the first thing I reach for. Buy Albuterol (Ventolin) no prescription, Without that practice, I have teams (especially new ones) presuming that stories can only be as small as the smallest bit of browser resident behavior they evidence. That is a truly horrible thing, Albuterol (Ventolin) treatment, because then my stories can clandestinely grow to ginormous size. Albuterol (Ventolin) coupon, This leads, in turn, to late cycle iteration surprises ("Uh, is Albuterol (Ventolin) safe, it turns out that we just found out that this 6 foot-pound story is really gonna be something like 67 foot-pounds. It won't be ready for the verification meeting tomorrow.")

    Heck, one recent team I coached had an app with no GUI-evident behavior anywhere, Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale. Albuterol (Ventolin) price, FitNesse was the perfect way for them to show progress. Indeed, to them, buying Albuterol (Ventolin) online over the counter, it now seems in retrospect that Storytesting was the only way to fly. Buy no prescription Albuterol (Ventolin) online, Without something like it, there would have been no way for product owners to verify anything at all.

Retiring Old Storytests

Large suites of automated functional tests, in any tool, online Albuterol (Ventolin) without a prescription, are notoriously expensive to maintain, Albuterol (Ventolin) brand name, especially compared to xUnit microtests. FitNesse, being a web app without in-built refactoring support for things like multiple references across tables and pages, Albuterol (Ventolin) forum, can make things worse. Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale, (People are slapping FitNesse front ends on top of Selenium suites these days, which strike me as truly  horrible for regression suites.)

Fine. Albuterol (Ventolin) images, Storytests are functional tests. They run slow and are very expensive to maintain  Therefore let's only keep our Stortytests for as long as they are useful for verification, requirements scope, Albuterol (Ventolin) price, coupon, acceptance kinds of purposes. Albuterol (Ventolin) without a prescription, Do I really need to prove, in Sprint n+10, that I got scope correct in Sprint n, real brand Albuterol (Ventolin) online.  I suggest that I don't. That's old news, Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale. Comprar en línea Albuterol (Ventolin), comprar Albuterol (Ventolin) baratos, Deleting old Storytest suites also applies healthy pressure on the team to derive their regression protection from healthier tests and mechanisms.

Small Groups of Stakeholders Can Learn to Collaborate on Storytests

Don't believe for a minute that this is impossible to do. I have frequently done it, Albuterol (Ventolin) street price. I am happy to show you how to do it. Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale, Yes it is difficult, but compared to what. Albuterol (Ventolin) steet value, Teaching teams OOD.  Teaching teams TDD. Configuring a Tomcat cluster, no prescription Albuterol (Ventolin) online. Please.

I've had several successes getting small sub-teams of developers, testers, and (critically) product owners to collaborate on Storytest design and development, Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale. No, I don't want testers writing acceptance tests alone. No, I don't think Product Owners can or should write such tests on their own either. And also, perhaps controversially, I am starting to think that good old fashioned Decision Table style permutation tables, as a Storytesting semantics, is the sweet spot for Java Storytesting. BDD step definitions, as developed so far in at least two ways for FitNesse, leave me cold: either I have several tables referring to each other in a way that makes refactoring cumbersome, or I have complex fixture code that uses regex and annotations. Albuterol (Ventolin) For Sale, I will use these things if pressed by a savvy, committed product owner, but otherwise, give me Slim Decision Tables.

Honestly, I have on several occasions found ways to craft suites of Decision Tables (nee ColumnFixture tables) so that they are plenty expressive for all concerned. I've had several teams, including product owners, fall in love with the practice and the tool. I'll keep rolling with that.

Summary: Be Careful What You Throw Away, and Why

Used as, I would claim, originally intended, Storytests / Automated Acceptance tests are a wonderful and essential tool for agile teams. More on this in later posts. I personally cannot control scope, carve stories small enough, or show deterministic enough definition of done without them.

Yes, client teams can learn to use the practice and tools improperly, in which case, it's our job to step in and suggest alternatives.

Let's try to come to agreement as a community on the ROI, the uses, and the best practices and patterns for Storytesting before we declare it dead.

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Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale, When You are Programming in an OO Language, You are Always Creating Domain Specific Languages

As is often said and written, the history of programming, and programming language design, is about programs becoming more expressive, fluent, lingual. All of the Object Oriented programmers I know and trust most would say that when they program, they are creating what are, in effect, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) samples, languages. So, After Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin), as a community of software craftsmen, how intentional and explicit are we about programming -- and teaching programming -- in a "lingual way," and what does that mean.

I care a lot about helping novice OO programmers learn OOD, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) treatment, because when I set out to learn it years ago, my education was flawed. Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) for sale, And because most programmers in OO languages are very bad at OOD. And because when I try to teach OOD to others, these concepts are still not as easy to teach as I want them to be, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale. And finally, because there is no better or more natural metaphor for expressiveness than the notion of a spoken language itself. Perhaps by definition, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

I want to encourage novice OO programmers to think in an expressive, lingual, Buy Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) no prescription, semantic way. And the terms of art in OOD are not helpful enough there. Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale, Turns out there is an emerging popular notion, the Domain Specific Language (DSL), that is all about how expressive we are in software development. Cool. Let's hijack that term to critique the expressiveness of the code we write, rx free Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin).

(The definition of Domain Specific Language offered by Martin Fowler does not strictly permit us from designating something as non-fluent as a Java API as a DSL -- I think this is a mistake. I use the term DSL to mean "anything that we program, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) used for, for a given domain, that can and should be as fluent and lingual as possible.")

I Dislike a Lot of OOD Terms. DSL is Not One of Them.

Don't get me wrong, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale. There is a rich vocabulary about being clear, clean, order Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) from United States pharmacy, and expressive in programming, but none of the terms helps me the way the noun DSL helps me. Buy no prescription Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) online, Here are some terms that are helpful, but not in the right way: programming by intention, meaningful names, expressive names, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) no prescription, abstraction level, object modeling, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) recreational, domain-driven design, etc, etc. Each of these terms is either just plain hard to learn ("abstraction level"), Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) long term, or it is  focused on too small a lingual granule (a meaningfully-named method), or it is not especially lingual in focus at all ("object modeling"). Online Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) without a prescription, An object model can be healthy in the sense that the classes and their methods are about the right size, and focus on about the right scope of responsibility. Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale, And it can have OK, not great names, that are not semantically coherent. And the whole thing can feel like a non-German speaker driving through Germany: "What a beautiful little town.  Where the hell are we?"

An abstraction level can be decoupled nicely, where can i find Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) online, and still not be expressive in a lingual way. "Wow, Buy Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) from mexico, nice clean scoping.  But, uh, what's going on in here?"

A group of classes, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) images, methods, and variables can be pretty well named, What is Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin), in their own narrow, individual  contexts, and still not form a semantically consistent little vernacular. This is not common, surely, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale. My point is that if we focus on programming in a lingual way, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) from mexico, constantly focusing on how well our code reads as a language, we can get all of the stuff we want: SRP-compliance, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) trusted pharmacy reviews, decoupling, expressiveness, clarity, DRY, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) without prescription, etc.

In Charges this Shiny New DSL Term

There is a sudden sexiness emerging around Domain Specific Languages (DSLs), Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) schedule, and Martin Fowler's book will increase the buzz. To Fowler's mind, based on his research into the prior art around DSLs, the term should be reserved for a level of fluency that is "sentence like" in its grammatical richness, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) natural. The chief application is to make problem domains, more than solution domains, Online buy Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) without a prescription, very fluent and expressive, especially to non-technical stakeholders, rather in a Ubiqituous Language, Domain-Driven Design fashion, purchase Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) online. Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale, Fair enough. It's a great idea, and frequently worth the effort. Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) maximum dosage, I am 110% in favor of it.

But FitNesse/Slim Given/When/Then DSLs (for example) don't solve my problem, which is this: encouraging OO programmers to program in a lingually expressive way, within the limits of whatever programming language they are using. You can create real DSLs in Java using techniques like method chaining, buy Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) from canada, and tools like Hamcrest matchers, but that ain't exactly novice-level craft. Where to buy Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin), Fowler's book draft defines DSL to explicitly exclude traditional command-query class APIs in languages like Java and C#. I want a term that encourages, describes, and defines what it means to make those command-query APIs as lingual as possible, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale. I want novices to have guidelines for creating command-query APIs that form consistent, lingual semantics as collections of verbs, nouns, order Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) from mexican pharmacy, and other parts of speech.

That thing. Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) dose, That thing I just said. That's what I want a term for. Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale, Why can't I use DSL as a term to mean that. Well, I'm gonna, where can i order Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) without prescription. It's too useful a term for programmers everywhere.

DSLs and Lingual Design

One typical scope for a DSL, Generic Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin), in Java programming, is a package that adheres to all of the package coherence principles of common reuse and common closure. Those classes that tend to be released, reused, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) reviews, and changed together and therefore tend to cohere in their own package together, really ought to be crafted as a little language. That's an example of what we mean by a Lingo, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale. Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) from canadian pharmacy, And, a class can be a DSL, and should be when it can: the semantics of the method names within the class should be grammatically consistent.

Now, Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) priceLingual Design is simply an orientation toward ensuring that our command-query APIs have clear, SRP-compliant boundaries (e.g., package boundaries or class boundaries), and tend to hang together as coherent, consistent DSLs.

No, Java and C# and many strongly typed languages do not make this easy to do, and make you jump through fancy hoops to get all the way to Fowler's definition of DSL fluency. So what. Amoksiklav (Amoxicillin) For Sale, Even without the fancy hoops, you can make classes small and expressive, and methods small and expressive. You can have can have separate classes for Operators/Operations and their Operands.

You Are Always Creating a Language

Whatever general purpose programming language, or Domain Indifferent Language (as Mike Hill puts it) you are using, no matter what sort of API and object model you are crafting, you are always creating another language. More or less crude, more or less fluent, more or less semantically consistent, whatever you end up making will be read by other programmers in the high hopes that it reads like a consistent little bit of spoken language.

Try thinking, for a bit of your programming, in terms of Lingual Design. Try to see the boundaries between, and the hierarchical tiers, of your DSLs.

How does it feel, and how does it work, to be intentional about OOD in this particular way.  Can this be a useful way to teach and learn OOD.

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Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale

Balancing a Classic Software Duality

Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale, In the West, we are very dual. Our opposites tend not to touch or integrate, much less balance. The true, intertwined and balanced nature of duality comes more easily to Eastern cultures than to us, effects of Zithromac (Zithromax). Opposites naturally include and oppose each other in the East. Yin includes some Yang, and vice versa, Zithromac (Zithromax) pics, as captured in the classic Taoist circular image of entwined white and black teardrops.

This balance can be hard for Westerners to grasp, but it helps us to learn balance. An odd example of Yin/Yang balance can be found in healthy programming, balanced with healthy testing, Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale.

The Yang of Programming

Yang energy is creative, moving, active, buy Zithromac (Zithromax) without prescription, striving, masculine, intense, Zithromac (Zithromax) mg, goal-directed. It is represented by the dark teardrop in the Yin/Yang circle. Ashtanga Yoga is a classic, Eastern Yang activity. Programming is a classic Yang activity too, buying Zithromac (Zithromax) online over the counter, and in unhealthy software development environments, where programming has no Yin energy, programming is Yang out of balance. Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale, It can become thrash, churn, movement without progress, movement with panic, creation without business value, stressful striving, aggressive striving. Is Zithromac (Zithromax) addictive, "Don't distract me with facts!" might be the battle cry of pure, arrogant, unbalanced Yang programming.

The Yin of Testing

Yin energy is witnessing, curious, investigative, herbal Zithromac (Zithromax), being, still, resting, Australia, uk, us, usa, observing, listening. The white teardrop. It can be directed or undirected -- exploratory in an improvisatory way, without making up any stories beforehand, Zithromac (Zithromax) brand name. Meditation is a classic Eastern Yin activity. You could say that the Yin of Testing is, in its purest form, perfectly skeptical and empirical, without either positive or negative expectation, Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale. In its worst form, the Yin of Testing becomes submissive, Zithromac (Zithromax) forum, overly passive, retreating, denying, disengaged, and dissociated, Zithromac (Zithromax) class. It retreats and hides.

Balanced Yang/Yin Programming

Healthy programmming embraces its creative power and juice, while reserving some energy and disposition to witness and check its predisposition to not witness, to be biased, Zithromac (Zithromax) interactions, to blast across the observable data. TDD is a perfect tool for balancing Yang and Yin in programming. You create a small, observable goal and its criterion for empirical verification; you then engage in just enough creative Yang passionate activity to satisfy that empirical goal. Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale, Then you pause in a Yin Testing moment to observe that you have returned to the balance of the green bar. Then you rest further in another Yin Testing moment of dispassionately observing the fact of the mess you made, buy generic Zithromac (Zithromax). Then you engage in just enough creative Yang refactoring to restore the balance of Clean Code.

Healthy programming is lots and lots of passionate, creative Yang, with just the right amount of Yin observation and Testing. Where can i cheapest Zithromac (Zithromax) online, It is creative engineering and artistic passion balanced with a bit of skeptical, empirical Science. It is the black teardrop with the small white circle at its heart.

Balanced Yin/Yang Testing

Healthy testing embraces the calm, dispassionate, empirical, deeply-concentrating power of witnessing, observing, and noting the truth of reality, without preconception, Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale. It delights in defects not merely because it is fun to break things, but also because it is fun to find precise, Zithromac (Zithromax) cost, repeatable, deterministic discoveries of any kind. A bug is just another kind of delightful new discovery that happens not to be desirable by the customer (in most cases!). Is Zithromac (Zithromax) safe, Balanced Yin testing begins with the open, empirical, unscripted extemporizing act of manual Exploratory Testing. This demands that ET skills have already been deeply somaticized by the tester, rather like the kata of programming, Zithromac (Zithromax) australia, uk, us, usa, or like the "forms" of Tai Chi. Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale, Before you can deeply explore the behaviors of an application, you must already have internalized the skills of that exploration. I dare say that masterful ET has a meditative, contemplative aspect to it. Discount Zithromac (Zithromax), You allow the application, as it truly is, to you draw you in, without agenda, without story, cheap Zithromac (Zithromax).

And, healthy Yin testing is then balanced by the passionate Yang activity of test automation. Automating regression happy paths and unhappy paths is such a Yang activity. Another balancing Yang activity is courageously sharing results with programmers, and with the team, Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale. Zithromac (Zithromax) alternatives, The best testers, Agile Testers, are powerfully creative in their own right as Yang programmers. But their Yang programming tends to serve their Yin goals of observation, gathering empirical results, order Zithromac (Zithromax) no prescription, witnesssing. Balanced Yin testing: the white teardrop of observation with the small black dot of Yang creation at its heart.

Balanced Testing/Programming: Conversations and Careers

Programmers can and should consider transitioning to periods of at least partial self-identification as testers. Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale, Spend 10,000 hours at it. Buy Zithromac (Zithromax) online no prescription, Let your first 10,000 hours be Test-Driving and refactoring Clean Code.

Also consider becoming, for awhile, an Agile Tester. You think you understand every aspect of software testing, fast shipping Zithromac (Zithromax), and how important all of the kinds of testing are. Rest more fully in the Yin of Agile Testing for a few days, weeks, Zithromac (Zithromax) overnight, iterations, or years, and think again. (Also, do not make up stories that this is somehow beneath you, or insufficiently challenging or stimulating, doses Zithromac (Zithromax) work, or not worthwhile, unless and until you have tried it in good faith, and found that to be so.)
Testers, Zithromac (Zithromax) dangers, on the other hand, should consider mastering much of the inherent craft demanded by healthy professional programming. Spend 10,000 hours at it. Let your first 10,000 hours be finding ways to write beautiful automated tests, especially Storytests, Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale. Embrace the Yin and Yang of bringing together small communities of customers, kjøpe Zithromac (Zithromax) på nett, köpa Zithromac (Zithromax) online, programmers, testers, and others to write Storytests as an excellent Definition of Done.

Also consider becoming, Cheap Zithromac (Zithromax) no rx, for awhile, an Agile Programmer, or a Software Craftsman. You think you understand all of the craft and technical depth and pure creative striving required to test-drive all manner of production implementations through all manner of technology stacks, with least defects and cleanest code, about Zithromac (Zithromax). Strive powerfully in the Yang of Agile Programming and Software Craftsmanship for a few days, weeks, iterations, Zithromac (Zithromax) blogs, or years, and think again. (Also, do not make up stories that you cannot do that, unless you have already tried in good faith, online buying Zithromac (Zithromax), and failed.)

It's Already Happening

Agile Programmers and Agile Testers are already learning to pair on Storytests, to pair on Definitions of Done, to pair on design, Ordering Zithromac (Zithromax) online, to pair on implementation, to pair on testing. Zithromac (Zithromax) For Sale, Programmers and Testers are already learning to balance their Yang and Yin through good faith conversation, good faith learning, and the softening of old, rigid boundaries, role definitions, and personality types.

Balance is possible between programming and testing, and it may help us to remember and honor our natural inclinations as Programmers and Testers as we work toward that balance. As programmers we are Creators, Engineers, Artists, Zithromac (Zithromax) coupon. As testers we are Observers, Skeptics, Research Scientists. Zithromac (Zithromax) photos,

Let it Happen More On Your Team, In Your Career

And one avenue of balance, for the very brave and perhaps very advanced, is to push ourselves past our old internal stories about our inclinations and limitations. Specializing Generalists can shift their specialties occasionally. Creators: I dare you to master Observation. Obvservers: I dare you to master passionate Creation, taking Zithromac (Zithromax).

In the future, as teams become increasingly agile and healthy, I hope we will see a natural flow back and forth between the communities of those who self-identify as Testers, and those who self-identify as Programmers.

Because balance is better than good. Balance is at the heart of true excellence.

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Zitromax (Zithromax) For Sale

Jean Tabaka and others devised this statement Zitromax (Zithromax) For Sale, , and I love it. I heartily endorse it, Zitromax (Zithromax) description. Zitromax (Zithromax) over the counter, To my mind, community provides the best mechanism for continuous learning, Zitromax (Zithromax) dosage, Buy Zitromax (Zithromax) online cod, for continuous improvement, and for whatever safety we can expect from the world, Zitromax (Zithromax) duration. Zitromax (Zithromax) from canada, Were I asked, I would add the meme of Network Weaving as an essential evolutionary mechanism for any community of thinkers, order Zitromax (Zithromax) online c.o.d, Zitromax (Zithromax) results, but that's just the hippie in me.

Well done Jean, Zitromax (Zithromax) online cod, Where can i buy cheapest Zitromax (Zithromax) online, Liz, Eric, Zitromax (Zithromax) pharmacy, Buy cheap Zitromax (Zithromax),  and others. Good stuff:

A Community of Thinkers

I am a member of a community of thinkers.

I believe that communities exist as homes for professionals to learn, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Zitromax (Zithromax) pictures, teach, and reflect on their work.

I challenge each community in the software industry to:

  • reflect and honor the practitioners who make its existence possible;

  • provide an excellent experience for its members;

  • support the excellent experience its members provide for their clients and colleagues in all aspects of their professional interactions;

  • exemplify, Zitromax (Zithromax) price, coupon, Zitromax (Zithromax) use, as a body, the professional and humane behavior of its members;

  • engage and collaborate within and across communities through respectful exploration of diverse and divergent insights;

  • embrace newcomers to the community openly and to celebrate ongoing journeys; and

  • thrive on the sustained health of the community and its members through continual reflection and improvement.

I believe that leaders in each community have a responsibility to exhibit these behaviors, purchase Zitromax (Zithromax), Buy cheap Zitromax (Zithromax) no rx, and that people who exhibit these behaviors will become leaders.

I am a member of a community of thinkers. If I should happen to be a catalyst more than others, get Zitromax (Zithromax), Low dose Zitromax (Zithromax), I consider that a tribute to those who have inspired me.

”A Community of Thinkers” by Liz Keogh, Jean Tabaka and Eric Willeke is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License, Zitromax (Zithromax) wiki. Purchase Zitromax (Zithromax) online no prescription, Please attribute to the distributor of your copy or derivative.

. Purchase Zitromax (Zithromax) for sale. Buy Zitromax (Zithromax) without a prescription. Online buying Zitromax (Zithromax) hcl. Zitromax (Zithromax) canada, mexico, india. Where can i buy Zitromax (Zithromax) online. My Zitromax (Zithromax) experience. Zitromax (Zithromax) no rx. Canada, mexico, india. Order Zitromax (Zithromax) online overnight delivery no prescription. Where can i cheapest Zitromax (Zithromax) online. What is Zitromax (Zithromax). Buy generic Zitromax (Zithromax). Zitromax (Zithromax) steet value.

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Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale


Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale, By way of even more background, my original post on this topic is here.

Patterns are Emerging

In response to several comments and conversations with people in the industry, several of us, most recently Chris Beale, Gary Baker, buy Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) online cod, John Huston, and Daryl Kulak, have been converging on a definition of this new role, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) online cod, this new variety of leadership that we want agile teams to have. Many others are also involved in the conversation by now; too many to list here. The more we talk about it, the more comments we receive, the more all of us can see what we want. We are not in complete unanimity, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) australia, uk, us, usa, by any stretch. Some folks think we are smoking crack. Not the first time, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale. But most of us in the conversation can see useful patterns emerging. Purchase Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) for sale,

This is a Big Role

We can also see that this is quite  a lot of skill, experience, leadership, and sheer work to expect of one person. So part of my premise goes like this: the Agile Team Lead is the person that is ultimately accountable for ensuring that this work gets done, buy Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) no prescription. Depending on how the skillsets, preferences, team maturity, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) interactions, and other factors shake out for a leader and his/her team, the Agile Team Lead may well end up delegating much leadership to others (and other, subordinate leaders) within the team (the key phrase there being "within the team."). Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale, So an Agile Team Lead might very well delegate to a Tech Lead, to an Agile Test Lead, to a Project Tracking Lead, to a Continuous Deployment Lead, etc., to cover off concerns. Whatever. The main point, kjøpe Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) på nett, köpa Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) online, of course, is that the buck stops with the Agile Team Lead. That person is, Purchase Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) online no prescription, for whatever duration they are lead, the single wringable neck (for all responsibilities owned by the team itself).

This Role Must Emerge From Within the Team, and Must Satisfy All Stakeholders

So, while I am decidedly talking about DESIGNATING a person to act as the team lead, about Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin), I am decidedly not talking about a traditional manager being imposed, permanently, from above, Where to buy Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin), by fiat. There can be no Agile Team Lead designated FOR a team that does not know, admire, trust, respect, and like that person, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale. Really, the final say in who leads the team should be the team's.

This Role Should Likely Rotate

This may be something we want several team members to try out, to get good at, order Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) online c.o.d. Team members could rotate through it, perhaps on a fixed schedule.

This Conversation, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) without a prescription, Um, Leads to a Few Others

I'd like to postpone to another series of blog posts, (already underway, however), the thorny issues around the enterprise structural implications that arise from this new role, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and related observations. Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale, Suffice it to say, for now, that I personally don't know how to make agile teams work, nor how to make this role of Agile Team Lead work, unless everyone in the team room reports directly to the Agile Team Lead, and no-one else. I mean that that one person is accountable for all of the incentive structure, performance evaluation, Herbal Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin), and (in large part) the hiring and firing for everyone on the team. This does not, again, mean that they own it entirely, nor that they do it permanently, buy Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) without prescription.

One other premise: we are deliberately attempting to erase old agile team management role and responsibility labels, like Scrum Master and Project Manager, which we increasingly believe to be fundamentally broken. Where can i buy Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) online, We find the controversy around this topic to be perfectly matched to the stakes involved for the enterprise: our current patchwork of agile team management and project management and product ownership and process improvement management consists of more holes than cheese. Too many team-level concerns go unmet; too many stakeholder concerns go unmet; too many user and market concerns go unmet, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale. We have been in denial about this shortfall. Let's give up that denial.

Love it or hate it, we need a paradigm shift around agile team leadership, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) coupon. We need that leadership to be better consolidated, better focused, better defined, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) from canada, and better matched to the dialectic between internal team needs and external stakeholder needs. Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale, We need one person who is held accountable the extent to which an agile team's authority and responsibility are, in fact, congruent.

And we need none of that to violate the principles of self-organizing teams, leadership arising within the team, and teams owning the team's concerns. The team owns all of these things, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) pictures, but the team lead is accountable for the team actually delivering it. Like I said, thorny. Canada, mexico, india,

Summary: What we Want in Our Agile Team Lead

Most of the following is in summary, bullet-point form, with a bit of explanatory text. We're still mainly starting this conversation; much is left to be done to think this through from the perspective of the team itself, from the perspective of "continuous improvement," from the perspective of individual Releases/Projects being executed well, from the perspective of Product Owners and Portfolio Owners, from the perspective of all of the different natural roles, responsibilities, skills, learning styles, and personality types that the team needs, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale. These is just another draft sketch of the responsibility categories of this specific leadership role.

I suspect there are still several holes in our thinking, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) pharmacy, several bits of overlap, and perhaps some false premises. No matter. Taking Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin), It's out here now for us all to discuss. Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale, Better in front of your eyes here in public, than lurking, not yet "perfect," on someone's laptop.

Continuous Leadership

  • Understand the goals of the organization, and the exact ways in which the team furthers them

  • Provide a single point of leadership for the team; continuously wins the team's implicit and explicit trust and admiration. Builds a "safe container" for the team within which work can be done creatively, collaboratively, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, honestly, accountably, and joyfully.

  • Helps continuously build trust and respect between the team and its stakeholders (in a way that buys more and more freedom to speak up, Buy Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) from mexico, freedom to experiment, freedom to "fail," freedom to learn).

  • Provide a single point of team accountability to the team's stakeholders (in a way that ensures a single, coherent message to stakeholders about any team commitment about what went well, and what did not go well, online Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) without a prescription, how it happened, and why).

  • Helps continuously improve internal team-cohesion: this includes mutual respect, mutual trust, Order Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) from mexican pharmacy, morale, rapport, celebration, accountability, fun, generic Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin), and affection (yes, we have to like each other).

Continuous Planning

  • Ensures that the team is making more and more accurate and precise commitments.

  • Ensures that the team is delivering more and more predictably on its commitments.

  • "Gets the lights on," in every area of process and practice, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) from mexico, and ensures everything is "big and visible," both tactically within the team, and for purposes of publishing to external stakeholders.

  • Identifies, gathers, and acts tactically on meaningful performance/progress metrics

  • "Makes the plan the bad guy": ensures that Definitions of Done, online buying Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) hcl, short-term scope, long-term scope, deadlines, Australia, uk, us, usa, quality measures, and all other commitments are expressed in "plans" that remove moral judgment and blame from continuous improvement. Plans include code, tests, cards, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) without prescription, and other artifacts. The goal is to create an environment in which mistakes are expected, any shortfall is cheap and easy to learn from, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) street price, and everyone's reflex is to refine the "plan," not to point fingers of blame.

  • Drives Commitment-making for and with the team. This includes ensuring that the Definition of Done for any small or large commitment is precise enough and deterministic enough to reduce risk of misunderstanding, scope creep, and under-delivery as much as possible.

  • Ensures that the plan changes with demand/supply.

Continuous Execution

  • Monitors/manages team velocity/throughput, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale. This includes work breakdown practices, estimation practices, tracking practices.

  • Reports meaningful metrics/data within the team, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) dangers, tactically, and likely publishes different metrics/data outside the team to external stakeholders.

  • Gets the team the resources it needs to deliver on its commitments; removes roadblocks

  • Escalates blockages effectively. When the Agile Team Lead cannot unblock something, Cheap Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin), he or she escalates the issue to someone with the authority to remove that blockage, and makes clear to all stakeholders what the risks are of leaving that issue unblocked.

  • Keeps flow, momentum and focus in the team.

Continuous Risk Reduction

  • Continuously identifies short-term risks (both Sprint-scope and long-term, Release-scope and Portfolio-scope) across the full spectrum of people, process, Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) overnight, technology, structure, and culture.

  • Makes risks and potential impacts big and visible to the right people. This is another example of "Making the Plan the Bad Guy."

  • Ensures that risk reduction is integrated into planning and execution

  • Measures the effectiveness of risk avoidance and the impact of unmitigated risk.

Continuous Improvement (Agile Coaching)

  • Drives the improvement the overall Definition of Done (at each level of commitment scope, from the Story through the Release, and perhaps beyond). This has the effect of improving the quality of commitments, building a habit of overdelivering, building stakeholder trust, smoothing the flow of work (with fewer and fewer scope misunderstandings, production defects, and other "unplanned work phases").

  • Senses where performance breakdowns are occurring

  • Creates big and visible means for measuring breakdowns

  • Interprets data to identify biggest opportunities for improvement.

  • Works with team to identify and implement improvements. Amoxicilina (Amoxicillin) For Sale, This obviously includes owning a retrospective practice, and also includes owning the effectiveness and accountability culture around a reliable pattern of Inspection and Adaptation. It includes things like helping the team learn the difference between ego-based whining and team-based servant leadership, and the difference between vague negative generalization and concrete improvement proposal.

  • Investigates and learns emerging practices from other teams, organizations, and communities.

OK, so once more, some disclaimer. This is work in progress. Expect more posts, other venues of conversation. Meanwhile, we welcome, indeed we desperately need, your input.

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Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale

The Old Atomic Unit of Production: the Project

Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale, I came up in a software industry in which the atomic unit of production capacity was The Programmer. Programmers were largely assigned, as needed, to ephemeral entities called Projects. Yes, it had a Taylorist mechanistic undertone, and often still does. Order Zimulti (Acomplia) no prescription, Cut to scene: The Project Manager whisks into the Development Manager's office and declaims, rather like a Hollywood casting director, "Well, you need to get us Joe and Terri for the Melathobner Project. We can't do it without them, Zimulti (Acomplia) over the counter. It just won't work without them."  (Lots of action films have the word "Project" right in the title.  Coincidence, Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale.  I think not.)

As a film crew comes together once, against tremendous odds fought by various producers and directors, Low dose Zimulti (Acomplia), to birth a film production, so have I seen most projects run. As if after this project, the world might end. As if after this project, Zimulti (Acomplia) dosage, we could all retire. As if deep down in their hearts, stakeholders and managers secretly believe this: "The idea that this project might actually make it out the door on-time, My Zimulti (Acomplia) experience, under-budget, with few defects. Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale,  That's hilarious."

Then, at miraculous Project conclusion, all cast and crew return to their structural silos (their true homes). Then off to the next Project. Emergency permeates the whole mechanism. Whoa, Zimulti (Acomplia) price.  This next Project might be the one that finally kills us all.

Project: Wrong Atomic Unit of Production?

Even if a product or system might persist for years, each of its major releases (sequels, in fact) is typically still a Project, Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale. Most software projects still have this one-time, heroic, Zimulti (Acomplia) from canadian pharmacy, desperate, fire-and-forget feel to it. This very narrow focus, this "goal obsession" on the part of project managers was recently described well here. Certainly there are Project Managers who are better than that, Zimulti (Acomplia) treatment, and focused more broadly on notions of business value flow, portfolio, market differentiation, After Zimulti (Acomplia), team productivity, context switching costs. They are the exception, partly for reasons I cover below.

One or the root cause issues here is this: Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale, as an atomic unit of production, Projects can be inherently bad. And, is Zimulti (Acomplia) safe, as I'll discuss later, fundamentally different than an alternative granule: the Release. First, Zimulti (Acomplia) maximum dosage, let's go to a military metaphor, which is always galvanizing.

Corporate Silos: 14th Century Italian Civil War Between City States

Meanwhile, what, in the context of software Projects, Zimulti (Acomplia) alternatives, is the corporate atomic unit of budget authority, responsibility, and power. Zimulti (Acomplia) used for, The structural silo. Ouch. We have somehow evolved default software development structure and process that seem to quietly mimic 14th Century Italian feudal warfare, Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale.

Our structural silos, under their various VPs and Directors, are capable of behaving like city states. People who report up through Architecture, Zimulti (Acomplia) blogs, Development, Production Deployjment/Support, DBAs, No prescription Zimulti (Acomplia) online, QA, Facilities, etc -- are typically most loyal to their role and responsibility silos. How could they not be. That is how they have been incentivized and empowered, Zimulti (Acomplia) samples. Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale, They represent abstract notions of "quality" and "architecture" and "programming," divorced from the very real, complex, organic, end-to-end needs of the enterprise (or worse; more below).

None of these silos owns the proper flow of business value through the organization. You could say that our corporate Italy has insufficient representation and incentive for its larger, nation-sized concerns. Zimulti (Acomplia) natural, It's OK with our corporate Firenza if Italia perishes, as nonsensical as that seems at first blush.

None of the city states owns whether we are reducing costs and increasing revenues for the entire enterprise. Indeed, I have frequently seen these city states incentivized to combat cost reduction and revenue increase, in order to gather more resources and power to themselves, Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale. QA is incentivized to find bugs, and find them they do; their weapon of choice: the bug report system, Zimulti (Acomplia) long term. Architecture is incentivized to represent the bigger picture, the technology future; their weapons of choice: Visio and PowerPoint. And so on. Zimulti (Acomplia) brand name, It's a fabulous buck-passing machine at best and, (segue alert. Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale, New metaphor) at worst, as if some corporate departments are like parasites feeding on the enterprise as host organism.

Note that I am not saying that the enterprise does not need to address the concerns and skills and worldviews traditionally represented by architects, testers, production deployment and configuration experts, Zimulti (Acomplia) trusted pharmacy reviews, project managers, etc. I am not against all specialization. Zimulti (Acomplia) schedule, But meanwhile, again and again, the Project Managers assemble these temporary Waterfall initiatives, using the best go-to condottieri (think "Ronin") they can find, and lead them through Waterfall-phase silo-gauntlets, is Zimulti (Acomplia) addictive, one at a time. As the project winds down, the temporary allegiances dissolve. Back everyone goes to their little city-state, Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale. Rx free Zimulti (Acomplia), So, as I'll discuss, what I increasingly question is the idea of empowering structural silos that represent sets of skills, concerns, and worldviews, Zimulti (Acomplia) forum, using budgets, hiring authority, etc. Order Zimulti (Acomplia) from United States pharmacy, If that's how the money flows, into these little city states, I think you should expect your own little replay of the 14th Century Italian civil wars.

Voila, Disruptive Change:
The Agile Team as New Atomic Unit of Production Capacity

So we have this existing corporate socio-economic fabric: Projects being pushed, purchase Zimulti (Acomplia), against powerful odds, through this fractured system of city states. Real business value is not created as a direct result of this fabric, Zimulti (Acomplia) no rx, but despite it. Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale, People strike backroom deals. A barter economy of favors breaks out. Grudges arise, and are repaid. It is, Zimulti (Acomplia) pics, to my mind, more ugly than pretty.

And then along comes this notion of a self-organizing, Zimulti (Acomplia) class, empowered, cross-functional, high-discipline, highly-skilled Agile Team, as the new fundamental unit of production capacity, order Zimulti (Acomplia) online overnight delivery no prescription. We're going to mow down all these cube walls, bring all of these people in from their various city states, several of whom quietly loathe each other, and ask them to form a cohesive team, Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale. We're going to ask them to sit with each other, deliver measurable business value in a steady flow together. Form, Zimulti (Acomplia) price, coupon, Norm, and Storm. We're going to ask them to treat this new team space, not like a brief Project-scope visit to a kind of summer camp, but as their permanent home, comprar en línea Zimulti (Acomplia), comprar Zimulti (Acomplia) baratos. We're asking them to break their powerful, traditional allegiance to their city state. Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale, Remove that tattoo; forget that secret handshake. Even though that's how their performance gets evaluated. Zimulti (Acomplia) wiki, That's how they get paid. No wonder it so frequently looks like a bunch of Hippie Kumbaya.

No wonder the corporate anti-bodies swarm (oops, yes, another metaphor; should have warned you), Zimulti (Acomplia) use. No wonder the first several retrospectives feel like the teacher asking the class who put the thumbtack on her chair, Zimulti (Acomplia) For Sale.

Yes, I am Over-Simplifying

To make a point, yes I am. Zimulti (Acomplia) reviews, The truth is, I have seen the above scenario more than once. The larger the organization I am working with, the worse it is, and the likelier it is to fight agility, and fight smooth business value flow.

But let's at least find a common pattern language or metaphor set for this fundamental issue of "cultural change" in the enterprise. In future blog posts, which will be about how all the Hippy Kumbaya agile team culture can actually help the entire enterprise evolve in a way that results in true competitive advantage at the enterprise level, I'll propose new terms and newish structure (not entirely my invention).

Meanwhile, though, here is my premise:

Your entire corporate socio-economic fabric might be fundamentally busted, seen through the lense of software development "Projects." You might be recreating civil war in Italy in the 14th century. This might make a great film, but it could be a terrible context within which to try to optimize how the collaborative creation of software systems (be they products out in the market wild, or internal web services) increases your revenue, or decreases your expenses.

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Buy Dolol (Tramadol) Without Prescription

Buy Dolol (Tramadol) Without Prescription, Ever Had a Client Stuck in a Nasty Situation.
Ever Had a Bird Trapped in Your House?

I've had both. Dolol (Tramadol) mg, In both cases, I learned not to mess up in the following way: trying to grab the bird and toss it out of the house. Birds hate that, Dolol (Tramadol) for sale, and are really skillful at resisting the attempt. Buy cheap Dolol (Tramadol) no rx, You or the bird can also get badly injured that way.

As a Shu-level, novice coach, I did the classic wrong-headed stuff, and still work hard to resist temptations to do the same stuff: pushing, pulling, badgering the client from a bad situation to a good one, Buy Dolol (Tramadol) Without Prescription. It really is like chasing a bird around the house, brandishing a tennis racket, Dolol (Tramadol) photos. (Note to self: No!)

Releasing Attachment to the Outcome

We cannot truly control whether, Online buying Dolol (Tramadol), indeed, the bird leaves the house, much less how fast or how well, fast shipping Dolol (Tramadol). There are no shortcuts for us or the bird. Discount Dolol (Tramadol), We can, however, strongly influence how the whole thing unfolds, Dolol (Tramadol) recreational. Buy Dolol (Tramadol) Without Prescription, It really does have to be the bird's idea to leave the house, if it will ever in fact happen. This may take a few seconds, Dolol (Tramadol) duration, a few minutes, a few hours (a few weeks. a few months, Dolol (Tramadol) results.  a few years!). Real brand Dolol (Tramadol) online, Take your time.

Those of us who have (as I have) released birds, bats, and squirrels from the house have learned (A) how to open and close doors, and leave seed trails, in a way that invites the unhappy bird or squirrel out of the house; and (B) patience, Buy Dolol (Tramadol) Without Prescription. With one bat, who flew along walls at 2" from the wall, buy Dolol (Tramadol) online no prescription, straight to each corner, Dolol (Tramadol) dose, then turned an abrupt 90-degree turn at the next corner, over and over, in perfect silence, get Dolol (Tramadol), it really took awhile. Cheap Dolol (Tramadol) no rx, That bat took 30 minutes to notice that there was a door open along one of those walls (if the door had opened in, instead of out, it might have taken 1 minute), buy cheap Dolol (Tramadol).

When he finally flew through it, Effects of Dolol (Tramadol), I pounced up and shut that door, preventing regression. I had been sitting there, where can i buy cheapest Dolol (Tramadol) online, drinking a beer, Online buy Dolol (Tramadol) without a prescription, and tracking him as he flew these perfectly rectangular room circuits (not easy: bats indoors are flying about as fast as your neck muscles will allow your head to pivot). Buy Dolol (Tramadol) Without Prescription, Once he had found that first door, he seemed to sense that other open doors were good things, and flew straight through the remaining rooms out to freedom, bugs, and no doubt a well-earned nap. In classic coaching fashion, I had reached that tipping point where I had won enough trust to say goodbye, purchase Dolol (Tramadol) online.

Close Some Doors, Dolol (Tramadol) description, Open Others

If you close doors to the inner part of the house (example: removing folks from their cubes and placing them in open workspaces, or not engaging in thermonuclear email exchanges about the New Agile Initiative),  you can invite clients to not worsen their situation, buy no prescription Dolol (Tramadol) online.

If you open other doors and windows to the great agile outdoors, Buy Dolol (Tramadol) from canada, you invite clients to try inviting, healthy, addictively fun, doses Dolol (Tramadol) work, cool new things (example: tweaking the card wall to reveal blockages or gaps in value flow; helping clients write their first few storytests). Ordering Dolol (Tramadol) online,

Asking Gently Provocative Questions: Opening Windows in the Mind

By this, I don't mean "Where the hell are all of your unit tests".  (BTW, you know the question I REALLY don't mean, Buy Dolol (Tramadol) Without Prescription.  It's this one:  "Don't you realize testability is vastly more crucial than encapsulation, Dolol (Tramadol) no prescription, you dolt?")

I mean, Dolol (Tramadol) canada, mexico, india, instead, questions like "Has Rob paired with Lily recently?"  or "How did method-level cyclomatic complexity change this past iteration?"  or "How do you think that business verification went?" or "What do you think about the size of that test?" or "What do you think of that class name?" or "Did we see this retrospective improvement item in the last retrospective?" or "What do you really enjoy doing most on the team?"

If the Bird Blogs About How Cleverly I Let Him Out of the House,
I Probably Messed Up

The best of my personal coaches model for me, buy Dolol (Tramadol) without a prescription, and counsel to me, Dolol (Tramadol) images, the art of the client never discovering that the great idea was not originally theirs. Smart subordinates have been leading their managers from below in this fashion since the dawn of command and control, no doubt, where can i find Dolol (Tramadol) online.

Not only is it OK, Dolol (Tramadol) cost, in a coaching position, to be a peer-to-peer influencer, as opposed to a top-down manager, buying Dolol (Tramadol) online over the counter, it is typically preferable. Where can i order Dolol (Tramadol) without prescription, People who I coach end up taking leaps of faith and trying scary new things, in good faith, not because anyone, Dolol (Tramadol) treatment, including me, Dolol (Tramadol) overnight, commands them to do them, or to try them. They do so because they trust me, like me, respect me, and happen to have had this cool idea pop spontaneously into their heads, unbidden.

The coaches I most respect, and most seek to work with, are those who help me as I refine my Ha and Ri in this coaching by question, coaching by seed trail, coaching by patient, engaged, gently provocative observation.

If you see me badgering someone to just shut up and do this Super Advanced Best Agile Practice Thing, please bust me on it. I will likely thank you (eventually, anyway).

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Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription

Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription, My pal Abby Fichtner, the HackerChick, blogged today about emerging agile team leadership patterns and practices, as had been reinforced for her by a recent presentation by David Spann. She lists beliefs and behaviors that, according to Spann, when held by whomever actually manages an agile team, Riobant (Acomplia) dangers, tend to help or tend to hurt. These resonated with me strongly. Doses Riobant (Acomplia) work,

Premise: It Ain't Project Management

Meanwhile, coincidentally, I had been in conversations for the last week with stakeholders about how, in an agile transition, Riobant (Acomplia) wiki, old patterns of Project Management are not a good fit. Traditional Project Managers are typically insufficiently team-focused and insufficiently portfolio-focused, Where can i cheapest Riobant (Acomplia) online, while too top-down and imperative. Agile teams and systems have long lifecycles and broadening authority and responsibility that traditional Project Managers cannot typically see, Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription. With all due respect to Spann (with whom I think I agree nearly entirely), I would claim that, adaptive or not, Riobant (Acomplia) forum, neither the adjective "Project" nor the noun "Manager" helps the person trying to lead an agile team. The old culture and terminology are equally misplaced in an emerging agile world. Riobant (Acomplia) samples, So, true, the agile community has not had great answers to questions about who leads and manages agile teams, much less how, no prescription Riobant (Acomplia) online. So, last week, Riobant (Acomplia) reviews, when I was asked by my best Pillar pal and mentor what the main responsibility, the main tools, and the guiding principle of agile team leadership might be, I realized, buy Riobant (Acomplia) from canada, after some reflection, that I have been baking these in my head for awhile, Is Riobant (Acomplia) safe, semi-consciously. Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription, David Spann and Abby Fichtner helped me bake them a bit further.

Premise: It Ain't Tech Leadership

The Agile Team Lead (for lack of a better role term) is not the tech lead. Many teams need formal technical leadership; many teams may grow out of this, into a pattern of entirely emergent tech leadership and architecture, buy Riobant (Acomplia) from mexico. In any case, the tech lead role is not the right role (nor is it typically, Riobant (Acomplia) pics, as Abby implies, the right skills match or personality-type match) for team leadership overall.

Premise: It Ain't Scrum Master

As Abby claims at the start of her post, focus on methodology alone, Riobant (Acomplia) pharmacy, even while there is frequently a temporary place for a certain style of such coaching, is again not the right focus for an Agile Team Lead. This is another focus that is too narrow, and too short, Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription. Riobant (Acomplia) australia, uk, us, usa, The team should outlive its Scrum Master by years; that may be a measure of a Scrum Master's skill: the ability to leave the team in a cohesive and self-improving state. No, process coaching is not exactly agile team leadership either.

Look, canada, mexico, india.  A Man with Nine Legs. Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription, Oh Bloody Hell, He Ran Away

We need something "completely different," however rare, in our Agile Team Lead. Here are the things I now want:

Overarching Responsibility: Optimizing Flow of Business Value

In whatever ways a team improves: technical, Riobant (Acomplia) photos, interpersonal, process, practice, attitude, where can i buy cheapest Riobant (Acomplia) online, morale -- we can measure and express them in how business value is delivered more and more efficiently, easily, Online buying Riobant (Acomplia) hcl, steadily, skillfully, and (I've seen it) joyfully. The Agile Team Lead can trace all improvements back to how well the team delivers ROI and reduces code asset TCO, Riobant (Acomplia) no rx, and back to how delighted the customer and team both are. The Agile Team Lead is in the business of knocking the customer's socks off, Purchase Riobant (Acomplia), over and over again.

Four Main Tools

The Agile Team Lead optimizes business value flow mainly with four varieties of tactic:

  1. Continuous Team Building -- this includes all of the soft, fuzzy means Spann lists, whose ends are team cohesion, buy Riobant (Acomplia) online cod, high ambient trust, high ambient respect, Riobant (Acomplia) maximum dosage, high morale, good humor, equanimity, close interpersonal connection, cheap Riobant (Acomplia) no rx. In Jazz, musicians talk about a band having so much groove that everyone can read everyone else's mind, Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription. Reinforcing that is the Agile Team Lead's link inward toward the team (bear with my link metaphor here for a few more paragraphs).

  2. Continuous Planning -- for current purposes, Riobant (Acomplia) online cod, I mean by this all of the agile practices and patterns around eliciting, analyzing, scoping, dividing, order Riobant (Acomplia) from mexican pharmacy, prioritizing, iterating, Riobant (Acomplia) cost, planning, testing, tracking, publishing, Riobant (Acomplia) price, and delivering. The Agile Team Lead does not perform all of these practices solo, Riobant (Acomplia) natural, but leads their performance. This is how the Agile Team Lead is held to account by all managers and stakeholders outside the team. This is the outward link from the team to the world.

  3. Continuous Unblocking Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription, -- teams continuously need outside help, resources, more team members, fewer team members, and other emergent support that they, as a team, lack the authority to achieve. The Agile Team Lead does the heavy corporate lifting to get these deals swung, to keep the team in steady flow, Riobant (Acomplia) without a prescription. This is the link from the outside world back to the team.

  4. Continuous Improvement -- The Agile Team Lead guides, without pushing, Riobant (Acomplia) results, the zillion varieties of retrospective improvements that the team does own the authority to make. This does include holding the team accountable for owning the ever-changing lists of things to be improved, and concrete improvement proposals and plans. Note that this is not the same as coaching, buy cheap Riobant (Acomplia), which may need to happen separately. Teams had better outgrow coaching, while they are never likely to outgrow a need for leadership, Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription. These are the links from the team back to itself.

Guiding Principle: Servant Leadership

The leaders most admired in the agile community and software community, Order Riobant (Acomplia) no prescription, as in the world at large, are those who lead by giving and supporting. This is classically the root cause of a graduation from "good" to "great."

And we are learning that it is simply the most effective variety of leadership and management: collaborative, listening, is Riobant (Acomplia) addictive, deeply present, deeply respectful, Purchase Riobant (Acomplia) for sale, enthusiastic, inspiring, supportive, celebratory, Riobant (Acomplia) dosage. And certainly trusted and adaptive, as Spann claims.

The Servant Leader attaches identity to the team's abilities and accomplishments, not just to his or her own. Buy Riobant (Acomplia) Without Prescription, Spann has captured several of the beliefs and concrete behaviors that we can only get from these leaders who lead to serve, not to rule. Indeed, an agile team's Agile Team Lead must earn the team's consent to be lead. Mature self-organizing teams eventually outgrow structural, imperative command and control, imposed by fiat.

Doesn't it seem sometimes that the whole technical world is trying to go collaborative, trust-community, peer-to-peer. Aren't these same patterns emerging everywhere, in different bits and bobs. Certainly it feels that way to me. Flat is the new hierarchy; village is the new city; conversation is the new document; trust is the new currency; small is the new big.


That's my sketch so far: the Agile Team Lead, through the lense of Servant Leadership, uses Continuous Team Building, Continuous Planning, Continuous Unblocking, and Continuous Improvement to optimize how business value flows through the team.

I am still baking this one; your feedback is appreciated.

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ATM (Zithromax) For Sale

ATM (Zithromax) For Sale, In my rank procedural coding days, I might have written through-the-web-app-GUI test code that looks like this (we're using TestNG here, though at first it may look like Junit 4):
This code runs fine. And with a bit of probing (including reading comments), one can sort of tell what it does. It sets up some Selenium machinery, ATM (Zithromax) steet value, asks selenium to enter some values in 3 fields identified via xpath, then verifies that another field (looks like a text field) contains an expected string. It then tears down the Selenium machinery.

If one knows Refactoring in a procedural sort of way, which is to say, order ATM (Zithromax) online overnight delivery no prescription, knowing enough to eliminate rank setup duplication within a TestCase class (to use the Junit term), one might then extract the blocks of setup and teardown code to appropriate methods, plus a single private helper method, ATM (Zithromax) from canadian pharmacy, leaving us, in the test method, with this:

The Expressiveness Problem

Aside from the test method name, we still cannot much tell what this test actually tests on the page. And in this case, the test method semantics do not help us understand, ATM (Zithromax) For Sale. All we have are the Selenium semantics for marching around the DOM: ("Put this value in this field; check that this other field's value is such and such."), herbal ATM (Zithromax).

"Lingual Design"

There are abstraction layers trying to emerge here -- separate groups of classes and methods.

And you know what. I hate that term, ATM (Zithromax) mg,  "abstraction layer." I've always hated it, and several others nearby it (API, command-query separation, package cohesion, blah, ATM (Zithromax) gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, blah). ATM (Zithromax) For Sale, I want a term that describes the lingual expressiveness of a cohesive set of classes and methods.

So I'll invent (with a nod to Mike Hill and Dave LeBlanc, who helped me with this invention) a couple of new terms: Lingo, ATM (Zithromax) no prescription, and Lingual Design (stay tuned, later, for a Lingual Design blog post). Think of a Lingo as a small, bounded vernacular language, buy ATM (Zithromax) without prescription, expressed as the classes and methods (what we usually call the API) of a discrete bit of solution domain (see a bit more definition below). I know. I'm not being much clearer yet than your average IEEE paper on C++ idioms published in 1993. But bear with me, ATM (Zithromax) For Sale. ATM (Zithromax) schedule, I strive for clarity here. I really do.

For now, I'll call each of the abstraction layers trying to emerge here a Lingo. See if you can grasp what I mean by that, buy generic ATM (Zithromax), as I march through the code, pulling it apart. ATM (Zithromax) For Sale, The topmost Lingo  trying to emerge here is the vernacular we use naturally when we describe to each other how to use the web app:  "You go to the triangle testing page, then you enter the values for the sides of the triangle, and it immediately tells you what kind of triangle you have."  So far our test expresses very little of that lingo.

Highest-Level Lingo: Operating the Web App as a User

Here is a test method that accomplishes exactly what the one above does, ATM (Zithromax) brand name, but with very different semantics/lingo:
It's clearer at first reading what we are testing. The lingo used by the test method are those of the highest-level slang used by people when they talk about operating and testing the web application: "First check that we can enter the 3 sides for a Right triangle, then verify that the triangle label indeed reads 'Right'." The trianglePage object and methods accessible to the test describe the behavior of the web page involved. We might quibble about how much or how little of the behavior on the page has been verified, but the semantics are now at the right level of abstraction, ATM (Zithromax) canada, mexico, india. We are mostly sticking to an appropriate lingo. We aren't yet talking about what kinds of HTML elements are being manipulated (its own lingo), much less the Selenium "selenese" lingo for manipulating them, ATM (Zithromax) For Sale.

Second Level Lingo: Operating the Controls on the Web Page

As with any OOD, this highest-level Lingo encapsulates and hides details that are not useful in the test method code. Where can i find ATM (Zithromax) online, Here is a peek at the area of the code that provides this encapsulation. Under the test method's covers, there is a TriangleTestHomePage class:
I've omitted a few private methods for brevity and clarity. Here is our second-level page-control Lingo, hiding inside methods  "canSpecifyTriangle()" and "triangleTypeLabelReads()": a TextField "canEnterText()", ATM (Zithromax) street price. ATM (Zithromax) For Sale, A TextLabel "reads()" as expected or not. (Note: these are not distant third-party-library page control classes. They are our own facades; more on this below.)

Notice a few other things about this class. One is that our TriangleTestHomePage knows nothing about Selenium; it is mostly decoupled from it (we could easily sever the rest of the coupling with a PageControl interface). ATM (Zithromax) used for, Another point is that this page class is autonomous and self verifying, to at least some degree. It knows its own URL and navigates Selenium there, ATM (Zithromax) For Sale. It knows its own expected page title, and the base BasePageContainer class contains a verifyTitleIsCorrect() method that asserts that the actual page title matches the expected one passed to it.

Third Level Lingo: Selenium "Selenese" for Manipulating Page Controls

Here is the TextField class:
Within the canEnterText() method, effects of ATM (Zithromax), we finally begin to speak in the lingo we inherited when we chose Selenium -- the one we began with in the first procedural example up top: the down-and-dirty "selenese" of walking the DOM, changing its state, and verifying that state: selenium.type(id, Low dose ATM (Zithromax), entry). In the real world of web app testing, this selenese is frequently fraught with xpath and regex ugliness. However pretty or ugly, we want such low-level lingo as far from the test method lingo as possible, buy ATM (Zithromax) online no prescription.

Summary: Three Lingual Tiers

ATM (Zithromax) For Sale, We end up with a hierarchy of three little Lingos, three little vernaculars:  a test method expresses itself in the lingo of web page operation from a user's standpoint. It does this using facade-like classes that contain methods describing page-specific operations. Some of those page methods are on the page classes themselves, while others are on an underlying BasePageContainer class. ATM (Zithromax) from canada, (Note, OOD folks, that these Lingos tend naturally to be encapsulated in  Commun-Closure-Principle-compliant packages of classes. I want cohesive packages to  be Lingos, and vice versa.)

The page classes contain methods that in turn express themselves in the lingo of page controls, rx free ATM (Zithromax), such as typing in entries (and verifying that such operations work), and checking the values of labels.

Finally, the methods on those page control classes (TextLabel, TextField) express themselves in the nitty gritty Selenium RC selenese lingo of traversing and manipulating a page DOM, and checking its state, ATM (Zithromax) For Sale.

Each of these Lingos can and should be organized into their own package hierarchies. ATM (Zithromax) recreational, And while we might start with simple 2-tier object hierarchies per package/layer, they might easily grow new tiers. (Groups of wep page facade classes, might, for example have some duplicate portlets that deserve an intermediate class), comprar en línea ATM (Zithromax), comprar ATM (Zithromax) baratos.

Why Bother, For Crying Out Loud?

The extensibility that all of this buys us can be the difference between a test suite that gets maintained, and one that gets abandoned. ATM (Zithromax) For Sale, With these three tiers of vernaculars, we can have very expressive, succinct web page flow tests that contain the least duplicate code, and are readily extended. Buying ATM (Zithromax) online over the counter, The web page classes and page control classes under the covers can be just as clear about their page-control-level operations, while they hide details and squeeze out duplication. This is fairly standard, healthy Object Oriented programming, but explained in a more accessible way (I hope!), ATM (Zithromax) for sale.

Our test methods can be concise even with very lengthy page flows. We need not duplicate any selenium code, nor anything but actual page flow operations (which is unavoidable in such tests). So let's now look at this in the context of some non-toy code, ATM (Zithromax) For Sale. Taking ATM (Zithromax),

Meanwhile, in the Real World

I am currently evaluating the following test code. Based on our above guidelines, what condition do you think it's in.
So these private helpers are more expressive than selenese, fast shipping ATM (Zithromax), granted. But where do all of these private helpers end up living. ATM (Zithromax) For Sale, In a single web page TestCase "God class"?  An unrelated set of such classes. In a bit of TestCase object tree. Buy cheap ATM (Zithromax) no rx, This particular app has several more pages, and more kinds of expected and actual values to be compared to each other. Will all of the underlying selenese be duplicated.

With this design paradigm, even with a bit of object tree here and there, buy ATM (Zithromax) no prescription, we still have a more elaborate version of the refactored procedural example we began with up top. We've squeezed the selenese out of the test code, but we are still conflating Lingos, ATM (Zithromax) For Sale. We still have duplication down in the details, and the objects in play are not nearly as expressive and extensible as they could be. ATM (Zithromax) from mexico, We are still on a slippery slope.

I've been refactoring this test method, while stubbing out the supporting Lingos it needs to be expressive in the way we have been discussing. Here is what I have so far:
And for example, my first stub pass at the SearchResultDetailedView class looks like this:
So this could doubtless use another pass or two; and lacks some actual implementation here and there, get ATM (Zithromax). ATM (Zithromax) For Sale, And our TextBlock class would likely need its equals() method overridden, or would require a matches() method of some sort. Its entire semantics might need more thought. How much expected state should be passed all the way from the test method. Good question. ATM (Zithromax) class, But we are at least making steps in the right design direction. Our test method now uses a user-centered lingo that reads like this: "From the advanced search page, search for this author name using this search type, ATM (Zithromax) For Sale. On the resulting advanced results page, verify that all returned actuals match expected values."

And as we push down from there, we evolve the underlying layers, keeping them SRP-compliant and DRY, ordering ATM (Zithromax) online.

Web App Test Code is OO Code Too

Most quasi-procedural functional test code mixes up at least three Lingos. In many situations, you'll have more than four layers in play. Order ATM (Zithromax) online c.o.d, For example, for one recent team and app, the customer wanted a BDD-style FitNesse test page that ran green when a large tradeshow conference demo page flow had successfully been verified by Selenium RC. The FitNesse fixtures used a "given/when/then ATM (Zithromax) For Sale, " semantics that were their own lingo, and in fact, a true Domain Specific Language (DSL), and had to be crafted to reuse two of the other Lingos shared by TestNG. It turned out that all of this was fairly straightforward to introduce in a way that was extensible and expressive, and DRY, australia, uk, us, usa.

We want to minimize the Total Cost of Ownership(TCO) of our test code, just as we do for any other code asset. A couple of short examples may not show it, Purchase ATM (Zithromax) online, but mixing up Lingos  eventually guarantees duplicate code, lack of test clarity, lack of problem domain clarity, lack of expressiveness generally, with every new TestCase and test method. This inevitably increases our TCO for that code.

Whether you are an agile tester, or a programmer with agile testing responsibilities, and whether you are using Selenium or HtmlUnit or WATIR or RobotFramework or whatever, learn to recognize the boundaries between the little Lingos you are given by your tools, as well as the ones you are creating, ATM (Zithromax) For Sale. Keep them separate to keep your code DRY, expressive, and extensible. And have fun. Outside the hellish realms of QTP and VBS, automated functional test code can be enormous fun.

Note: you can play with code very similar to the first examples above, by checking it out from its google code repository using any Subversion client, here. The codebase is an exercise we use to hire potential agile testers, as a first gate to measure their coding ability. You can read more about that here.

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Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale

Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale, Premise: No, Software Dev Ain't Like Manufacturing

So it's pretty old news that software development is not manufacturing. The reason many of us have questioned manufacturing metaphors  is that software development involves inherently much more variation. Compared to a factory line for a sports car, building the average corporate CRUD web application (not to mention much more interesting app types) is just a completely different animal.

Once a factory line for a sports car is designed, built, Azifine (Zithromax) dose, tuned, and humming along, it includes no equivalents of test-driving an object model, or storytest-driving requirements. Azifine (Zithromax) description, In real manufacturing of sports cars, using approaches like Lean, you can reduce away nearly all of your variation in the actual manufacture. You want to eliminate muda, Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale. You can get to a point where the exact steps required to build any one of your sports cars are very nearly identical. This kind of perfectly repeatable, fully-automated process is just not possible for converting feature requirements into actual running, Azifine (Zithromax) coupon, tested features. Sports cars and software system features are completely different animals. Fair enough.

Yet We Do Eliminate Wasteful Variation & Complexity in Software

Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale, Nevertheless, a lot of what we do in the world of agile development, and agile coaching and mentoring, is exactly this: reducing or eliminating wasteful, useless variation. Things that complicate our lives unnecessarily, Buy Azifine (Zithromax) without a prescription, that make the whole system less repeatable, predictable, and more expensive. A fleet of best practices and their literature, I would claim, are about exactly this: squeezing the wasteful variation out of our development, online Azifine (Zithromax) without a prescription.

This doesn't make us mechanizing, reductionist, draconian Taylorists. We are not being less humane, Where to buy Azifine (Zithromax), but more, when we squeeze out wasteful variation. The difference between humanizing and Taylorizing turns on being able to distinguish between useful and unavoidable variation/complexity (things that can be crafted) and useless and wasteful variation (things that really can, and should, be simplified or automated), Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale.

Indeed: the more of the latter, wasteful sorts of variation we eliminate, the more freedom we buy for ourselves to really shine in those areas where complexity and variation must be crafted.

So what are the kinds of variation that are unavoidable in software development, Azifine (Zithromax) use, and what are the kinds of wasteful variation we always want to consider eliminating. Here are my initial lists. I am trying to launch a discussion here, not finish it, Azifine (Zithromax) pictures, so please comment. Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale, As usual, I reserve the right to revise this blog post to include smart observations made by commenters and pals.

Necessary Variation Types

When people like Pete McBreen write books like Software Craftsmanship, and people like Eric Evans write books like Domain Driven Design, much of what they are talking about are the varieties of variation and complexity in software development that are unavoidable. The kinds of things that must be crafted, that unavoidably require skill, discount Azifine (Zithromax), discipline,  experience, and even trust-community, passion, Where can i buy Azifine (Zithromax) online, autodidactic reflex, and courage. These kinds of inherent variation include (but are not limited to):

Requirements Variation

Yes, from a Portfolio Manager or Product Manager's perspective, it often makes sense to master the art of saying No to requirements. Joel Spolsky, my Azifine (Zithromax) experience, for example, has written wisely about the nature of the "Consultingware" that results from essentially never saying No.

Nevertheless, we have no real control over the kinds of requirements pressure the market will bring to us, and to which our Product Manager might sensibly say Yes, Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale. You cannot, in 2002, Online buying Azifine (Zithromax), anticipate rich-client web app behavior that your hand-crafted Web 1.0 application might be "required" by the market to suddenly include. A great deal of requirements variation is not only unavoidable, but wonderfully necessary: this is how, as an industry, we innovate new value flows.

Object Model Complexity

Yes, Azifine (Zithromax) long term, we want to keep our designs as simple as possible. Yet, over the course of 10 releases and thousands of lines of code, even in the best factored, Where can i order Azifine (Zithromax) without prescription, best test-driven systems, there will be plenty of unanticipated variation and complexity in the object model. This is the problem to which we apply as much Software Craftsmanship Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale, as we can. We try to keep the order of complexity of our solutions relatively in line with the order of complexity of the problems they model, release after release. It is very complex to learn to write very simple code. And there is no avoiding it, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, if the goal is lowest TCO codebase assets, highest-velocity value flow, and good clean fun.

"Given" Technology Stack Variety

I'm not talking about technology/framework selection, After Azifine (Zithromax), but about instead how, for a given set of such selections, some amount of variation comes along. If your team is required to keep working in Java 5 /Spring MVC /Hibernate /Oracle 10g or whatever, then bang, you have a wide variety of syntactic and semantic variations that you cannot avoid, and which, to some extent, you must master, Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale.

Team Dynamics

People get hired and get ramped up. People go on vacation and get sick. People quit and get promoted and get fired, Azifine (Zithromax) price, coupon. Many team membership changes are unavoidable and inherent. Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale, Some variation in team membership, experience levels, etc, are unavoidable. (But see below on the importance of optimizing that variation.)

Wasteful Variation Types

OK, here is where I start to enjoy myself. I get to list the kinds of problems I keep trying to solve, Azifine (Zithromax) interactions, better and better. The ways we can improve. Again, this is a draft, partial list of main categories. Feel free to help me flesh it out with your comments, Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale.

Non-Deterministic, what is Azifine (Zithromax), Imprecise Scope

Just because we cannot control how much requirements variation might arrive at our doorstep does not mean we cannot be precise about describing, planning, and testing a given new requirement's completeness and robustness. Much of the storytest-driving, Azifine (Zithromax) alternatives, acceptance test-driving that agilists push for is about exactly this: given any wacky new requirement, we ought to be able click on a test and have it turn green when we are done-done-done with it. No, this is not easy or cheap. But it is cheaper than continuous scope-related creep, misunderstanding, real brand Azifine (Zithromax) online, and kindergarten blamestorming ("It's a bug!"  "Hell no, it's a feature!").  So Yes, we can squeeze out lots of useless variation here, and we do.

Manual Build and Deployment Steps

Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale, My pal Mike Hill has blogged hilariously about the courage to automate away manual build voodoo, what he calls Jiggling Toilet Handles. Purchase Azifine (Zithromax) online no prescription, The manual voodoo is classic useless variation. Yes all the little manual steps might be difficult to completely automate away, end-to-end. Doing so might require courage, discipline, and after-the-fact forgiveness, online buy Azifine (Zithromax) without a prescription. Nevertheless, every time we automate away some dumb, non-repeatable, expensive manual handle jiggle, Azifine (Zithromax) duration, we start to reap immediate, repeatable rewards. Others who have been fighting this good fight for years include the Pragmatic guys, with books like the original Pragmatic Programmer, and Mike Clark's lovely Pragmatic Project Automation, Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale. Indeed, the entire practice of Continuous Integration attacks this category of wasteful variation.

Manual Regression Testing

Manual regression testing is a classic Sysiphian struggle, wrapped in a Faustian bargain, cheap Azifine (Zithromax). Your manual test-recorders or manual test plan executors are cheap per hour?  An indescribably false economy. No manual QA team can ever really hope to catch up or keep up. Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale, The untested items and defects pile up. Trust erodes. This, Azifine (Zithromax) trusted pharmacy reviews, truly, is the canonical thing we can automate away, with one or more tiers of automated testing, most critically programmer-level TDD. Squeezing out this variation yields gigantic benefits. Skillful automated testing may well be the most critical contribution to software development of the last 15 years, Azifine (Zithromax) without prescription.

BigBallofMud Code

Every un-test-driven, unrefactored codebase eventually gets muddy, then really annoying, then unmanageable, then completely toxic, Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale. As a code asset deteriorates, the cost per new feature goes up dramatically in that codebase.  Yes, as we mentioned above, some complexity in a codebase is inevitable. Buy no prescription Azifine (Zithromax) online, But most complexity in most codebases is entirely useless and wasteful, and about as avoidable as the lung cancer deaths traced to smoking. Courage and discipline and skill and several specific practices are required to produce Clean Code.

Conveyance Muda

As a team, we knock down our cubie walls, we sit in the same open space, order Azifine (Zithromax) from United States pharmacy, we pair, we have standups, and we write story tests (and programmer tests, for that matter). Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale, As a team, we continuously estimate, we continuously plan, we continuously retrospect. Kjøpe Azifine (Zithromax) på nett, köpa Azifine (Zithromax) online, We do these things for several reasons, but they all have the partial effect of reducing the cost of getting some knowledge or work product from one person to another, from one state to another. These practices make all manner of conveyance vastly cheaper.

The alternative mass-creation of Word, Visio, Azifine (Zithromax) images, Excel, and similar artifacts, then firing them in volcanoe-ash volleys over walls between our silos (using emails with dozens of cc's!), then discussing them vaguely at large meetings, Azifine (Zithromax) over the counter, must surely be orders of magnitude more wasteful. It has repeatedly seemed so to me and my colleagues.

Wasteful Skill-Level Variation

Another silo thing, Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale. The lottery number: if you were the Nuxeo/Liferay/Maven guy, and none of the rest of us knew that stuff, and you get "hit by the lottery" and quit, how much money is wasted recovering/reconsistuting/reverse-engineering your knowledge?  Ouch!  We pair, Azifine (Zithromax) blogs, and sit together, and collaborate closer and closer on a story's definition of done, to squeeze out the useless variation in who knows what and who can do what.

Context-Switching Thrash

If you move programmers too frequently from one team to another, About Azifine (Zithromax), where they must struggle to learn whole new (to them) problem domains, solution domains, technology stacks, local customs, it is much like moving all the cab drivers from Miami to New York, and from New York to Miami, generic Azifine (Zithromax). How long will it take before anyone gets to the airport on time.

No, you should probably not keep anyone on any agile team forever. Azifine (Zithromax) For Sale, But teams should mostly persist. If you let them persist, self-organize, and continuously improve, and if you mostly bring work to teams, instead of people to work, then you save all kinds of thrash cost, and you gain hard-to-describe production economies from new levels of passion, craft, collective courage, and overall quality and throughput.

OK. Enough for one session. Below are categories I have not yet fleshed out. I can and will. Meanwhile, what other kinds of main categories have I missed?  Where can I/we collapse categories together?  How useful is this principle of wasteful vs necessary variation useful to you, as a crude pattern language?  Lemme know, peeps and tweeps.

Poor Value Flows

Administrivia and Bureaucracy


Unnecessary Framework Complexity/Waste

Unnecessary Optimization


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