How to Optimize Your Checkout Process

Harley Reid
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No matter how awesome your website looks, or how great your product is if you have a high cart abandonment rate. One of the reasons is the complicated and unoptimized checkout process. Remember: checkout page is a crucial milestone of the buyer’s journey. Moreover – its optimization affects dramatically an overall website performance, eventually reflecting in conversion rate and your revenues. 

In this article, we disclose checkout page optimization tips along with reviewing some good existing ones to get meaningful insights.

Checkout Page Optimization

Before to optimize your checkout process you should know that it is a complex procedure requiring significant efforts to achieve worthy results. Here we highlight the most efficient steps for making checkout – smoother, your revenues – larger, and your customers – happier. Let’s start:

Checkout time reduction

You’ve definitely encountered this. When you have to fill out a lot of fields to complete the purchase, and half of these fields seemed so silly that you fought to stop yourself from just clicking the close button instead. 

Keep in mind that unpleasant feelings never lead to a good experience. Thus, let your customers feel comfortable while passing a checkout. Require a minimum of checkout fields, place title inside them or above, mark necessary fields with an asterisk – do everything to ease your customer’s journey.

Guest checkout implementation

According to Moovweb, among 1.8 million mobile users approximately half used guest checkout. Actually, that’s not surprising – just imagine, the customer entered a website for making one single purchase, and a necessity to create an account first may scare them and make abandon the website. In such a way, you lose a potential customer. The solution is simple – implement guest checkout option.

Guest checkout

Provide more payment options

Provide your customers with an opportunity to pay via their preferred options. We also recommend you to avoid third-party websites usage for payments management. It would be much better to keep the customer on your domain during the process – thus you’ll look more credible in the eyes of your customers. 

Enhance security

Blue Corona declared that website security is crucial for 84% of users. For you, this means that potential customers will likely abandon the website if they catch wind of an insecure connection. So, it can be argued that website security is another piece of the puzzle for your store.

Website security

A well-designed shopping cart

The last, but the least in the list of tips to optimize your checkout process is taking care of the design aspect. Statista claims that 75.4% of shopping carts were abandoned in the 2nd quarter of 2018, and the experts say that the percentage will only grow. The causes vary, from the complexity of the checkout process or technical problems, to high taxes and shipping costs. How to overcome this issue? Just give your customers flexibility. Flexibility for changing the quantity of the items, save the cart for later or add items to their wish list. Flexibility for seeing the total shipping charge, taxes, and so on. Be sure – the customers will appreciate it!

Examples of the E-commerce Checkout Pages 

Here we’d like to show you some checkout pages we particularly liked due to an optimized buyer’s journey and overall smooth customer experience.

British Corner Shop

This UK food & drink delivery service designed an exceptional shopping cart by showing the customers relevant information while adding the products such as a number of items, delivery country, costs and subtotal. Organized in a table structure, this shopping basket is attractive and simple. 

The best checkout page


This apparel store developed an extremely elegant checkout page design with a simple layout and light colors. Such an approach enables users to concentrate on the checkout process fully without any chance to be distracted. 

The best checkout page

Final Thoughts

The only reason the customers come back to a particular store is that they like the shopping experience they got there. Making efforts to your checkout page optimization you, in fact, do an additional contribution to creating an outstanding shopping experience, that your customers will appreciate a lot. 

To do this the best way possible, we advise you to cooperate with a trustworthy digital agency with a proven track record. In such a way, you can rest assured that you’ll get decent results. Wish you good luck!

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