The Best Tools for Website Performance Analytics

Harley Reid
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Since website productivity is highly important for any e-commerce website, business owners constantly measure it using different software. Currently, there are plenty of tools helping to keep track of website performance. They all check almost the same set of indicators influencing the page speed. However, among about 15 popular tools used for website performance analysis, there are three of them which are used most often. These are: 


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Google Analytics provides basic information about your website performance. Actually, it is enough to monitor the state of your resource and to adjust it to fit the performance requirements. But we advise using some tools together. Thus, you will get complex reporting about your website productivity. Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix, except an in-depth analysis, provide comprehensive suggestions on the ways you can fix the detected issues.

To get maximum information, you should analyze three types of pages, namely, homepage, category page, and product page. After this, you will get the full list of pain points throughout your site and, thus, you will not have to guess which factors affect your store performance the most.

We also advise you to read about other useful analytics tools that you can’t miss. You can use this software to track different crucial web metrics.

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