Main types of martech

Harley Reid
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The marketing technologies (aka “martech”) has seen an advance of thousands new applications, touting new exotic ways to market. But, as a newbie in this universe, you’d be better off sticking with the major segments of your marketing stack and solutions that have passed real-life tests by tons of businesses like you.

5 main fields

First, content management is paramount as today’s web users seek useful advice and recommendations. Magnet them with great posts, infographics and YouTube videos.

Second, social media has been extremely effective in delivering the content you generate to those folks who actually care.

Third, CRM apps help you manage the interactions with the customer you already spent money on retaining. This will impact your bottom line big time!

Fourth, analytics will help you discern the actual insights you garner from using all of those martech applications. Only data-rich marketing execs can adjust their behavior correctly in order to continue bringing home good ROI on those marketing budgets they receive.

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