What is martech?

Harley Reid
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Marketing technologies (aka “martech”) are online services and programs, used by marketing teams to facilitate their operations. Every business – from a one-person operation to a multinational behemoth – can always win from using these applications by streamlining existing operations and opening up new opportunities for growth.

Best practices when choosing martech

First, avoid grabbing the latest shiny thing on the market. Instead, first establish your own global marketing strategy and identify the goals you want to achieve. 

Second, don’t go for some exotic types of activities. Stick with marketing campaigns in the fields that have been working for other businesses for ages, such as email outreach, content creation, SEO and social media promos.

Third, don’t try to pick a martech dark horse app that pitch a unique edge, not captured by bigger fish. Choose the solutions that have proven their worth through real-life use by hundreds of companies before you, both big and small.

Don’t shy away from the world of martech. Take the first steps in order to start capturing unique value they offer.

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