Important Tips To Show You How To Select The Money Making Keywords

Harley Reid
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Traffic is what helps the internet marketers make money on the net. There are hundreds of different strategies to bring traffic to your website. You can do the paid methods like PPC, media buy, prepaid advertisement, etc, or look for the free traffic generating techniques like SEO, article marketing, link exchange, etc. Whatever making money ideas you have, if you don’t succeed to get traffic, you will not make money online ? it is as simple as that.
In this article we will concentrate on one of the most popular and powerful traffic source ? SEO. In order to drive traffic from the search engines, you need to pick up the right terms and make the onsite and offsite optimization for them. Keywords are the keys to the door of traffic. Once you have the right keys you can boost your site with free and quality visitors and make a lot of sales.

Thus finding the keywords is a very important stage in the development of your online business and making money online. You must have a careful and thoughtful approach to the keywords selection.

The following mistakes are made by many internet marketers selecting the queries for their SEO. We hope that you will succeed to avoid them:

1. Queries with general meaning. You will not be able to rank high for the general terms because of the high competition on the web and as a result you will not get traffic. The goal for choosing keywords is getting as much quality traffic as possible.

2. What is the intent of your visitors? You need to ask yourself this question when you choose the keywords. Try to make your queries as specific as possible in order to get more targeted visitors. If for example your site is about the old cars, so picking up the word “cars” will rather be senseless, because searching for “cars” someone may mean: the most popular cars today, available brands of cars, history of cars, the best cars, the cheapest cars and what not. “Cars” is a general term and has high competition thus your efforts of trying to rank high for the phrase “cars” will be hardly paid off.

3. Terms with the long tails. The intent behind the short keyword is usually very general thus the traffic coming from the short term is not targeted. If you ranked high for the short term you may have a lot of traffic but less conversion. Long-tail keywords show what is in the mind of the searcher, thus they are more specific. For example such term as “buy an old car in New York” clearly presents the intent behind it. So if you are selling the old cars in New York, the traffic coming from such query is better for your making money on the web business than just “cars”.

Thus instead of ranking your site for the short keywords with high competition that will bring you tons of untargeted traffic, it makes more sense to optimize your site for easier to rank long tail queries that will bring you more targeted traffic and therefore will help you make quick money online.

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